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Captain Otoyo: How Njoro wa Uba actor Ochonjo paid for his own burial

Captain Otoyo, the renowned comedian and entertainer, honoured the memory of late TV comedian Duncan Ochonjo after his burial on Saturday, May 27, in his home village of Nyakach, Kisumu County.

The funeral was attended by prominent figures in the entertainment industry who paid their last respects to the popular comedian.

After battling liver complications, Ochonjo sadly passed away at 2 am on 10 May.

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Although he had been receiving medical treatment, his condition deteriorated, leading to his untimely demise.

Captain Otoyo on his show dubbed Per Person Sharing. PHOTO| NAIROBI NEWS

During his comedy show at the Kenya National Theatre on Sunday, 28 May, Captain Otoyo paid tribute to his late friend and reminisced about their time together.

Ochonjo rose to fame as part of the cast of Ramogi TV’s Nyarkoachia and became a prominent figure in the online TikTok fraternity, especially during the difficult times of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Otoyo shared a heartwarming anecdote about Ochonjo’s dedication, recounting how he attended the first show in his comedy series, The 40 Year Old Virgin.

At the time, Ochonjo’s health had started to deteriorate.

“In our first show, he left his house, he was not feeling well, to come and support my show, that is special,” the comedian said.

At this show, five months ago, Ochonjo experienced a stroke of luck when he won a brand new pair of shoes in an impromptu audience draw.

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He decided to wear his new shoes, leaving his old ones behind.

The comedian also revealed how Ochonjo meticulously prepared and funded his own funeral arrangements.

It was revealed that Ochonjo had been diligently contributing to a funeral society, the Kenya Urban People Association (KUPA), which specialises in handling funeral logistics.

By consistently paying a monthly fee of Sh100, Ochonjo ensured that all the necessary expenses for his funeral were fully covered.

This included the cost of the coffin, hearse, burial suit, and mortuary bills.

Otoyo pointed out that the association also provided a food package for a minimal additional fee of Sh1,300.

“We wanted to raise money for our brother to give him a decent send-off. We started collecting money for a hearse and so on, but we were told that our brother was in a group that would cover all his expenses. We buried him with only a Sh1200 bill,” Otoyo explained to cheers from the audience.

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