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Dorea Chege: Why I want to make more money than my husband

Dorea Chege, known for her role in the popular TV series Maria, recently shared her deal breaker when it comes to relationships.

During an episode in Season 2 of the show ‘Mr. Right’, Dorea was asked to elaborate on the type of man she would never consider dating.

Hosted by Dr Ofweneke and Diana Marua, the show delves into the preferences and perspectives of different individuals on matters of love and relationships.

In this particular episode, Ofweneke posed the question to Dorea, “What’s your deal breaker in a relationship?”

In response, Dorea candidly expressed that she would not date a man who is financially broke, emphasizing that it was not because she values his money more than her own.

She clarified, “Number one, if he is broke! Not that I love his money since I have my money, but I also want to be above him. I love controlling,” she stated.

The statement sparked mixed reactions among viewers, with some questioning Dorea’s preference for financial superiority in a relationship.

One comment from comedian YY inquired if Dorea wanted to date someone who was stingy.

“Dorea do you want to date kafukuswii,” said YY.

YY also shared his deal breaker prior to even entering into a relationship.

The former Churchil show comedian mentioned that he would not pursue a romantic connection with a lady who is a heavy drinker or one who exhibits frequent mood swings.

“My deal breaker before I start the relationship is if you are a drunkard lady, you are out and when dating, a woman with mood swings… I can’t deal with that…”

Adding to the discussion, Comedian Ofweneke suggested that women have the power to maintain and strengthen their relationships.

Dorea Chege is engaged to boyfriend DJ Dibul.

In an interview on their YouTube channel, Dbul revealed that Dorea slid in his DM and fell in love the first day they went out for a date.

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