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Fans celebrate 24-hour marriages at ‘Nax Vegas’ rugby festival

Fans at the Prinsloo Sevens Rugby tournament in Nakuru last weekend were afforded the privilege of getting married, albeit for 24 hours only.

The symbolic union allowed couples to enjoy the benefits of marriage without carrying any baggage after the expiry of the deadline.

The presiding priest, one Mr Fidel Castro, led the couples in reciting their wedding vows before issuing them with specially printed certificate.


He also provided the ‘newly weds’ with wedding rings that licensed them to enjoy matrimonial bliss throughout the tournament.

It was all in the spirit of merry making as the young couples enjoyed the off-field activities of the tournament.

Mr Castro told Nairobi News on Monday that he ‘solemnised’ at least 120 marriages during the two day sevens rugby tournament.

The marriage certificates issued to the newly weds. PHOTO | NATION
The marriage certificates issued to the newly weds. PHOTO | NATION

Couples were required to give a Sh150 ‘offertory’ for the marriage certificate and Sh100 for the ring.

“We don’t sell the certificates and rings but ni sadaka kidogo ya kusaidia pastor kufanya kazi yake,”, said Mr Castro amid giggles.


He said he has always presided over such symbolic wedding ceremonies in all rugby tournaments hosted in Nakuru. He sees it as part of a campaign to teach youngsters the importance of a real wedding by giving them a taste of it.

“We had repeat weddings this time round. Fans from last year’s tournament came back and renewed their vows. This is very good because they are getting training in preparation for the real wedding,”said Mr Castrol.

Our reporter witnessed one such symbolic wedding between Peter and Eve (their second names withheld for privacy purposes). The couple kissed as their friends who posed as witnesses cheered and congratulated them.

During the ceremony Mr Castro ordered for silence before presiding over the exchange of vows. He then commands the groom to kiss the bride.