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Fao Shyshy on dating Dzaddy Amore – He cheated more than 7 times

Social media influencer Fao Shyshy has come out to reveal more details about her daunting relationship with ex-boyfriend, popular YouTuber Dzaddy Amore.

Speaking to a Kenyan YouTuber, the socialite shared that her ex-lover cheated on her more than 7 times while they were an item. 

“I’ve been cheated on multiple times, I’d say more than 7 times. Chats, girls texting me and all,” said Fao Shyshy. 

In response to the interview, Dzaddy Amore owned up to what he did, further clarifying that he did indeed cheat on his ex-girlfriend, only that it was way more than 7 times. 

“Si mnajua mambo yangu! Sio mara 7 ni 7teen! Kati ya me na ajib nani mnoma. Contract iliisha,” wrote Dzaddy Amore on Instagram.

This revelation, however, counters a separate interview Shyshy previously did where she disclosed that Dzaddy Amore had cheated on her 3 times. Fans are becoming skeptical of the level of honesty and truth about the influencer’s revelations about what transpired between the former couple leading up to their break up. 

The socialite, who commands over 172,000 followers on TikTok and 157,000 followers on Instagram was consoled by a section of her followers on social media, many of whom sympathized with her for having gone through the pain of heartbreak, whereas some went all out telling her that it was inevitable that she’d be heartbroken. 

Shyshy became a center of focus when her relationship with Dzaddy Amore went public. The two began dating soon after the YouTuber broke up with his then-girlfriend and fellow content creator, Keranta. Keranta and Amore gained a huge social media following after their inspiring relationship lasted for over two years. However, the relationship halted after Amore dumped Keranta on the grounds that she was cheating, a word that was later challenged by Keranta. 

Having dated for only a few months before their tumultuous break-up, Amore had proposed to the influencer publicly which led their fans to believe that he was serious about the young socialite. Not long after, Shyshy announced through her social media pages that she and the content creator were no longer an item. Neither one of the pair ever spoke about the reasons why they broke up, up until a few months ago when Shyshy disclosed it was on cheating grounds, which is something many of the former couple’s fans had speculated upon their break up.

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