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Filmmaker Abel Mutua, Judy Nyawira in marriage certificate hitch

By Nicole Kendi January 29th, 2023 2 min read

Popular filmmaker Abel Mutua and his wife Judy Nyawira have left their fans in stitches after they shared the troubles they are having proving the legitimacy of their marriage certificate.

The couple through their official Instagram pages disclosed that they are having trouble verifying their marriage documents, something the former Tahidi High actor noted with frustration to his fans.

“Imagine ndio naenda kuverifaiwa marriage certificate kuonyesha yakwamba marriage certificate napeana ni legit, sasa ati kumbe makosa tulifanya ni kuoana kwa garden actually, kama ulifanya harusi and haikuwa kwa kanisa shauri yako,(Imagine we had gone to get our marriage certifacte verified to proof it was legitimate but it turns out the mistake we made was getting married in a garden, actually woe unto you if you did a wedding outside church)”

Mutua went on to bemoan that government services had not been put into digital registries forcing people to take physical documents in search of services.

He also advised couples that they should be aware of the problems they might face ascertaining their marriage certificates if they didn’t get married in a church.

Previously, Mutua narrated how he proposed to his wife in an unconventional manner, after which he found himself spending his life savings on their wedding.

“Let me take you back to August 2015 when Mrs Mkurugenzi and I were cruising along the bypass heading home from Phil’s house. I thought to myself, ‘I’ve stayed with this girl for a long time now. Why don’t we just actualize this thing once and for all?” he started narrating.

“So I proposed to her in a world-class way,  in a way that has never been seen anywhere else and is only for wakurugenzis. While on the highway, I looked her straight in the eye without caring about pedestrians, oncoming vehicles, nothing,”

“I looked her in the eyes for two seconds and told her, “Hi my girl, tunaeza kaanisha? (can we continue staying together?) and the answer was a resounding ‘yes, tukaanishe mtu yangu, Tumekuwa hapa na wewe sijui for seven years sijui tunangoja nini’ (yes, let’s stay together. We have been together for seven years I don’t even know what we are waiting for) and that’s how I proposed,” said Abel Mutua.

“>It was then that she decided that she wanted the wedding to be on her birthday, three months later and too soon in Abel’s opinion, because others take up to a year to save and plan for their weddings, and they agreed on an AG wedding.

However, the story evolved over time, and she began wanting different things after interacting with friends at the salon

He revealed that she would often come home on different occasions and say she now wanted a small ceremony after the main wedding, suddenly, the number of guests ballooned from 20 to 100 so that they didn’t lock out people, she now wanted a line-up. Before he realized what was happening, they were now planning a fully-fledged white wedding.

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