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Finding peace of mind on the knuckle hills

Ngong Hills is a beautiful place but you will sure need extra energy to walk uphill to reach at least 2,800 metres above the sea level.

Ngong, in the Maa language means knuckles as the hills, from Nairobi, look like your knuckles when making a fist.  It is a place that people go for walks, picnics or worship. Professional and amateur runners will also be found in the morning jogging up and down the steep slopes.

When you get to the foot of the hills, you will have to pass by the Kenya Forest Service where they tell you to hire guards just to ensure you are safe. As you start the climb, the fresh air and the wind are soothing.

The walk is peaceful.

For residents, you will part with Sh100 to access the hills and an extra Sh3,000 for the guards, but it is not mandatory.

The view is breathtaking and highly recommended.

You can also drive up to the windmills where you can park the car and take a walk.

The sounds of the planes flying overhead are also exciting. Matter of fact ,did you know that the planes landing at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and Wilson Airports always make their turns at the Ngong Hills?


At the tip of the hills, you will now be able to enjoy the spectacular Rift Valley view of green vistas, grazing cattle and giant wind turbines.

The Ngong Hills, from the western slopes overlook the great Rift Valley dropping over 1000 metres below, where Maasai villages have been developed.

During the colonial rule, the area around the Ngong Hills was a major settler farming region, and many traditional colonial houses still stand area.

The hills also featured in the film Out of Africa.