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Four police officers arrested for robbing herder of Sh373,000 in Nairobi

Four police officers were arrested on Friday for allegedly robbing a herder of Sh373,000 in Kamukunji area, Nairobi. The victim, identified as William Tongoyo, had just sold meat in Burma Market and was heading back home when he was accosted by the officers.

According to Tongoyo, the officers seemed to have prior knowledge of the cash he was carrying. They handcuffed him, accusing him of loitering with the intention to commit a crime.

Tongoyo protested the arrest, while fearing for his money, which he had hidden in his innerwear. However, his protests were to no avail as the officers led him to an alley where the officers frisked and robbed him.

“One of the officers robbed him of the Sh373,000 which he had been paid as proceeds after selling meat of 12 cows at Burma market,” the police said in a statement.

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Tongoyo attempted to follow the officers, but they disappeared into the crowd, leaving him distraught. He immediately reported the incident at Kamukunji Police Station, providing a detailed account of his ordeal and identifying the officers involved.

An impromptu operation was conducted in the area, led by Central Sub-county Police Commander Doris Kimeli and detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI).

Senior officers demanded that all patrol officers report to a specified location. When Tongoyo was brought in to identify the officers, he immediately recognized one of them.

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Two more officers were identified by their colleague, and a fourth officer was later identified by Tongoyo himself.

The four officers were disarmed and taken to Kamkunji Police Station, where their statements were recorded. However, no significant amount of money was recovered from the suspects.

Nairobi Police boss Adamson Bungei assured the public that the matter would be thoroughly investigated and appropriate action taken. He termed the incident as an isolated case which is not reflective of the entire police service.

“This is not what we are. This is an isolated incident and will be acted on accordingly,” Bungei said.

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