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Fridah: My nine years of marriage to Babu Owino – VIDEO

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino’s wife, Fridah Ongili has for the first time shared intimate details about her marriage to the fiery politician.

Babu and Fridah first met as students at the University of Nairobi. They have been married for nine years now

Fridah spilled the beans on her love life to K24’s anchor Betty Kyallo in an interview aired on Friday.

Nine years of marriage

“Not a perfect marriage because we are two imperfect people who have come together… so we just work at it everyday. That’s marriage. When it’s good you enjoy, when it’s bad you just weather it and you just keep moving on.”

Ever been concerned with his unruly behaviour?

“He’s actually not as crazy as people think he is, Babu is really chill. May be what you see, what is in the media and what is exposed that he is insane (laughs).”

What attracted you to him?

“He has a good heart, of his qualities for sure that is the most endearing thing.”

“The crazy things people say about him, (laughs), maybe napenda kawazimu kidogo, because he is so funny, he is so good to be around”

Does he listen?

“Babu is an excellent listener, way better than me. He takes advice and I think that is what has made him grow politically.”

“He’s an excellent politician, I must say that, so I don’t need to give him too much advice, but if I feel he can tweak here and there I definitely tell him.”

President Babu?

“He’s more than capable, I wouldn’t think of someone more capable of being president of this country.”