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Drama as Chinese man tries to grab policeman’s gun during arrest – VIDEO

There was Drama on Thursday afternoon when Water Resources Management Authority (Warma) officials accompanied by police officers raided a tissue-paper making firm in Thika.

The Warma officials had gone to arrest the owner of the firm after area residents complained it was discharging chemicals into a nearby river.

The firm’s Chinese owner went berserk after being handcuffed, screaming incoherently as he tried to grab a policeman’s gun.

He also appeared threatening the life of Warma boss Joe Mutambo, who led the sting operation.

The Chinese man kept pointing at the handcuffs and at some point took a photo of the handcuffs using a mobile phone.

Mutambo said the firm did not have legal documents that relate to water usage.

The suspect was also accused of failing to obtain a permit to use the water from the river.

“He has no permit to tap water from the river, he is just obstructing the river,” said Mutambo.