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From Ivan to Shakib, a countdown of Zari Hassan’s boyfriends between two weddings

She is arguably one of the wealthiest socialites in East Africa despite being based in South Africa.

Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan, 42, tied the knot with her younger lover, Shakib Lutaaga, 30, on April 17, 2023, at a private wedding in South Africa after dating for roughly 10 months. This is Zari Hassan’s second marriage.

The first one was to the late Ivan Ssemwanga, a wealthy Ugandan businessman (now deceased) with whom they sired three sons- Pinto, Dido and George Ssemwanga.

The duo divorced in 2013 as Zari revealed she had been experiencing domestic violence in Ivan’s hands.

She also claimed he had a toxic obsession with her and at one point, had allegedly told her that the only way she would leave him was through the balcony.

They were married for eleven years and Ivan died years later at a South African hospital where he was receiving treatment for a heart attack.

In between these two weddings, Zari Hassan dated younger men extensively and across borders. Nairobi News counts them down below:

5. LK4- In 2012, Zari was romantically linked to Isaac Lugude, alias LK4, a known basketball player and a former participant in Big Brother Africa. According to reports, it was Zari who made the first move on him; and turned out to be one of her biggest regrets when he spoke ill of her in the wake of a sex tape involving Zari surfaced.

4. Farouk Sempala- The two were involved in a whirlwind relationship in 2014. There are few details to be spoken of regarding their relationship. He is a bodybuilder who was rumored to have criminal ties but the claims were never proven.

3. Diamond Platinumz- Zari and Tanzanian superstar singer Diamond Platinumz ‘met when Zari asked him for a selfie and a relationship began’. They ‘married’ in 2014 and went on to have two children- Tiffany and Nillan. Their relationship lasted for a while until she dumped him on Valentine’s Day, 2018, when he had an affair with and conceived with Tanzanian video vixen Hamisa Mobetto.

2. King Bae- She moved on with a man she called King Bae and made his presence in her life known on Valentine’s Day, 2019. She always hid his face, never gave details about him and just as fast as she came into her life, he equally disappeared from her socials.

1.Boss Mutoto- In the same 2019, Zari was also rumored to have a romantic thing going on with Williams Bugembe, a trustee of her late husband’s estate. She once shared a photo of them together and captioned it saying they had been eating sausages all night.

Shakib Lutaaya is now her husband- we hope the final man for her- and wish them well as they embark on their marriage.

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