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Funniest reactions to shisha ban from Kenyans on Twitter

By CHAD KITUNDU December 29th, 2017 2 min read

Following a a gazette notice by Health Cabinet Secretary Cleopas Mailu on Wednesday, that outlawed the importation, manufacture, sale, advertisement, use, distribution and promotion of shisha, smoking of shisha has effectively been banned in Kenya.

The gazette notice also warned that any person who will contravene any provisions of these rules will be liable to penalty contemplated in section 163 of the Public Health Act.

But news of the banning of smoking shisha in Kenya has been received with a mixture of surprise and humour by Kenyans on social media.


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Kenyans on Twitter, in particular, expressed joy and dissatisfaction with the ban.

While some questioned the government directive, albeit with a tinge of humour, others trolled shisha enthusiasts who now have no excuse to go out to the club.

Here are some of their reactions on Twitter: