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Gachagua outlines his ‘problem’ with Ruto

By Sammy Waweru January 27th, 2024 2 min read

Deputy President (DP) Rigathi Gachagua stirred laughter during one of President William Ruto’s stopovers in Meru, when he implored county residents to ask the Head of State to adjust his working hours.

According to the DP, he wakes up at 4am every day to join his boss in serving the nation, a time Gachagua feels is too early for him to be awake.

However, the second in command said that he is challenged by President Ruto, as he wakes up at 3am to start discharging his duties.

He said he is a proud Kenyan deputising Dr Ruto since he is a hardworking leader.

“I am happy deputizing Ruto because he is a hardworking man. The problem is that he is making us suffer by waking up very early. He insists we have to wake up at 4am, while he wakes up at 3am,” he told Nkubu residents in Meru County on January 27, 2024, during the President’s tour in the region.

Nevertheless, as he caused laughter, his appeal to the locals to persuade the president to review and adjust his waking hours fell on deaf ears, as they told him, “You should even be waking up earlier than the President”.

The second in command lauded Dr Ruto, saying for the last one year he has tirelessly worked to revive Kenya’s economy, where he revisited his claims that the Kenya Kwanza Government inherited a dilapidated economy.

“When Ruto took over leadership, Kenya was about to be auctioned. For the last one year, he has had so many problems but for now the country is doing better,” the DP said.

Gachagua’s narrative, that Kenya Kwanza inherited a dilapidated economy, has since been dismissed by the opposition, claiming President Ruto’s Government is unable to fulfill its promises to the Kenyans, hence the excuses.

Led by Azimio la Umoja, Mr Raila Odinga, the opposition is calling for a sustainable cost of living for all Kenyans by reviewing and reducing VAT imposed on fuel from 16 per cent to 8 per cent.

Last year, in 2023, Ruto’s Government increased tax on petroleum products from 8 per cent imposed by his predecessor Uhuru Kenyatta.

The move has triggered an upsurge in the cost of living.​

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