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Gaza gang leader brags on tape, warns snitches of knife attacks – VIDEO

An amateur video is making rounds on social media of a self-proclaimed Gaza leader sending threats to rivals and residents in Madogo town in Tana River county.

Police have told Nairobi News that the man in the video is known as Seba Abasheko, aka Johnie, and was previously operating in Nairobi before relocating.

Johnnie is said to have been part of a gang whose members were shot dead by officers at Mlango Kubwa area, in Pangani, a few weeks ago. He narrowly escaped the gunfire exchange.

Police believe he is still in possession of a firearm.

“He is armed and dangerous. Police officers are still looking for him. Action will also be taken against anyone who is providing shelter for him,” a detective following the case said.


In the video, Johnie is heard bragging that he is still the ‘King’ and is out for training.

He claims to have stolen 82 phones from members of the public in Madogo town and that the police did not get it right when they accused him of stealing only 46 phones.

He is also heard saying that he has been causing sleepless night to locals in the area and is not planning to stop anytime soon.

“Mtu asiseme ati King wa Gaza ameishiwa, King wa Gaza hajaishiwa, ako tu. Na ile section ako ameenda training,” he brags.

He also warns of knife attacks on informers.

“Wale ma informers wako ndani ya Madogo, mi nawatumuia taarifa, kila mtu nitawapiga kisu,” he said.

The video also captures his four colleagues who appear intoxicated and also brag of their life in crime.

In the end, the man who shot the video is seen saying; “Mimi sina kaubaya, mi nilikuwa ka-camera man, unakuta?”