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Give us more house allowance, MPs are living in Kilimani servant quarters – Kaluma

Homa Bay Town MP Peter Kaluma has found himself in trouble for defending the push by MP to increase their house allowance.

Mr Kaluma had on Thursday told journalists that most MPs can’t afford to take up mortgages in the city.

Being one of the few who has taken up mortgage, he shared his own personal experience saying he was left with a Sh42 monthly pay after taking a Sh20m mortgage.

“Barely five per cent of members have taken up mortgage because MPs cannot afford it. When I took mine at Sh20m I remained with a pay Sh42,” said the MP.

He added: “There has never been a better time for parliament to assert itself, we have sacrificed so much for the sake of serving the people of Kenya. Members of Parliament are allowed to take up to Sh35 million during their term in mortgage and the interest is three percent.”


He even cited an example.

“MPs are living along River Road. You hear of MPs being assaulted in places they shouldn’t be found. I one time dropped a colleague from Coast Province to a residential unit they are living at in Kilimani only to find three MPs, you know, all squatting in a servant squatter.”

His remarks elicited anger from Kenyans online who told off the legislator for his ‘selfish’ remarks.

“That’s some BS. Was the mortgage mandatory? The fact that he is unable to manage his finances should not burden the taxpayers. Civil servants have loans and more and they make do. What makes MPs special?” asked Charles Ambetsa.

“Even support staff with a mortgage loan can never be left with less than 5k in his/her payslip. Some lies, nooo,” wrote Omuse Arthur.

“That is your salary and how you spend it is none of our business. Taking a mortgage does not justify a salary increment,” commented Hillary Ngeno.

“Very sad, taking a mortgage is not a right but a privilege,” said Mwetu Ilako.

“We all apply for Loans based on our ability to repay. Your pay won’t be increased because you’ve over committed your salary!” stated Maurice Oucha.

“Usituletee Ukaluma wewe! Why didnt you take a Mortgage of Ksh. 3Million and remain with a huge amount of your salary? Why did you take Ksh20M? Pambana na hali yako!” said Fortune Sitard Sitard.

Earlier this month, the Salaries and Remuneration Commission obtained interim orders stopping the Parliamentary Service Commission (PSC) from further paying MPs Sh250,000 monthly house allowance.