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Governor’s brothers arrested after fighting each other in pub

March 28th, 2016 1 min read

Two brothers of Governor Joseph Ndathi were arrested after a bar brawl at Kimunye Market and spent the night in the cells.

An officer at Kimunye Administration Police post said one of the men was so incensed by the arrest on Friday that he attempted to kill himself.

The two hurt each other and were freed on Saturday to seek treatment.

Area police boss Mohammed Huka said one of the men’s finger was bitten badly , adding that they would be required to record statements after being treated.

He said they would be charged with causing disturbance and being drunk and disorderly.

“They must be arraigned for the offences once investigations are complete,” Mr Huka said.

The police boss added that it could not be immediately established why the brothers who were enjoying themselves on Good Friday later turned on each other.

Witnesses said Governor Ndathi’s younger brothers went to the bar in the evening and ordered drinks.

“They were jovial and chatted with other patrons as they enjoyed their drinks,” a witness said.

Later, they began quarrelling as the patrons watched in disbelief.

The row degenerated into a physical fight.

Police officers rushed to the scene after being alerted and arrested the two.

Contacted for comment, Mr Ndathi said he was away and did not know what transpired.

“I was informed on Saturday that my brothers fought. I am yet to know the truth of the matter,” he told reporters after attending a relative’s funeral.

Recently, another bother of the governor was summoned by detectives and questioned for hours after he allegedly threatened Mr Ndathi.