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Guard finds six bullets hidden under a bridge

Ballistic experts are examining six bullets found loaded in a magazine at the Southern bypass.

The bullets, used by a G3 riffle, were found under a bridge on Wednesday night by a guard manning the area.

Nairobi County Deputy Police Commandant Moses Ombati said the bullets had been taken in for investigation.

“We cannot rule out the possibility of them being intended for crime, but ballistic experts will for sure determine whether they belonged to the security forces or they were being handled by criminals,” Mr Ombati.

The recovery of the ammunition adds to the number of artillery recovered in the past three months.

In November, three AK47 riffles were discovered stashed in a paper bag at the Karen Golf Club.

Ballistic experts have the ability to determine the origin of artilleries and establish whether they are related to those that have been used in other criminal activities.