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Guys, eight pick-up lines that may work for you this weekend

Every woman has heard her fair share of pick-up lines. The bad ones, the funny ones and the downright outrageous.

The good news for the male folk is that there are pick-up lines which actually work with women.

Here is a look into those ones which might.

1. I would like to meet you. Do you have a friend who can introduce us? – This one is very cheesy. The one thing that you are sure though is that it will crack her up. If she has a good sense of humour, this line may get you through to her.

2. How does it feel to be the most beautiful woman here? – This pick up line will work on the average Nairobi woman. The trick is not to directly compare her with other women or to make degrading statements about other women who are here. Make it about her.

3. Hide this in your purse for me – Her initial reaction will be shock and then when she realizes what you are trying to do, amusement. This one is a fairly good conversation starter.

4. What’s for dinner? – This one will work if you meet the woman in question when she is grocery shopping. You will come off as both bold and funny. You never know, maybe a few months from now, she will be making you dinner.

5. I really like that book you’re reading – This one will work for the book lovers. If you compliment a book lover on her choice of book, she will take it as a compliment on her person. This is a very good way in.

6. Sorry, were you talking to me? No? Then please start – This one is another cheesy one. This means that it is likely to make her laugh. They say that when you can make a woman laugh, then you can make her do anything.

7. Besides being beautiful, what do you do for a living? – The easiest compliment on a woman is one on her looks. Instead of beating about the bush, just be straight about it. She will appreciate that.

8. Do you want to dance – This one is simple and it drives the point straight home. Every woman likes a man who is straight forward about his intentions. This one will only work in a club setting.