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Habida opens up on throat surgery in India

Singer and actress Habida Moloney has commenced vocal training following a successful throat surgery in India, that reportedly set her back by at least Sh500,000.

Speaking to Nairobi News, the bubbly singer says she is still unable to sing and that she might need about two more weeks to learn how to sing again.

“I can’t sing, I have tried and I just can’t. I don’t know what will happen because I promised Khaligraph Jones that we should be hitting the studio in the next two weeks. Hopefully, by then my cords would be great enough to allow me to sing,” says Habida who spots no scars around her throat area.

The legendary chanteuse underwent the surgery in India in February 2024 stating she had to do it immediately to avert a crisis in the future.

“If I didn’t take care of this, I would probably not be able to sing again that’s what the doctor said. The condition was that I lumped my vocal cord which needed to be taken out,”

Habida travelled to India upon recommendation from a local doctor.

“The Kenyan doctor is equally good but because I make a livelihood from my voice, he recommended that I fly to India and meet not just any other throat specialist but one who entirely deals with vocal cords,” she explains.

The surgery which was majorly done by laser beams took an hour.

“These are lucky times we are living in with the advancement in technology that’s why I don’t have a scare because the surgery was done by laser. But still, I must say it was painful. I couldn’t eat for three days, and couldn’t speak for seven days,”

To rectify her cords, Habida says she spent a fortune.

“I spent Sh480,000 for the surgery without factoring in air tickets and hotel accommodation for the two weeks that I was there. Look it’s still a bargain because if I were to do it in Kenya, your guess is as good as mine.”

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