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Has controversial blogger Maverick Aoko finally given her life to Jesus?

By Winnie Mabel September 6th, 2023 2 min read

It appears that Ms Maverick Aoko, infamously known for being outspoken and vulgar, is finding Jesus.

In her latest statement, she compared herself to the sinful woman in Luke 7: 36-50 who washed anointed Jesus’ feet with her hair tears, and oil before wiping them off with her hair.

“There was this woman who was filthy in the eyes of everyone just before Jesus was crucified. She poured expensive myrrh on his feet and wiped them with her hair. Drenched in tears, those around Jesus said – If only he knew how this woman is a sinner. Jesus told a parable. “Someone owes you 50 bob, another 5M. You decided to forgive them both. Who would love you more?” My words. I’ve paraphrased,” began Ms Aoko.

She said, “The response was – the one who owed 5M would show more gratitude. Maybe you look at me and see my sins are more, yours are less—Ni sawa (it’s okay). God has forgiven me. And I now put my life and fate in his hands. Not in those of politicians or any human. Now watch and see him manifest in my life. If I don’t become a testimony, then God lies. Which I know he doesn’t,” concluded Ms Aoko.

Her sentiments came in the wake of her revelation that she attempted to take her own life after swallowing pills due to “loneliness, being misused and abandoned by everyone.”

“For some years, I have felt abandoned and misused by everyone. Like the world was closing on me and life was pulling the rug under my feet You were seeing me but not hearing me. Didn’t you just read my sh*t and felt nuh, this isn’t our Aoko? I even asked for help publicly. I wrote on twitter – please help me. I got matusi (insults) instead,” stated Ms Aoko.

She revealed her interactions with people were based on how they could gain her political connections for their own benefit and this resulted in a life where she needed sex and alcohol to be able to sleep at night.

At her recent attempt, she revealed her house manager had found her in bed barely breathing and she contemplated doing it again. However, she revealed someone had reached out to her amidst her breakdown and she would be taking a social media hiatus to heal and reflect before returning stronger and better.

Ms Aoko is infamous for not holding back vulgarity and insults when targeting people. She even bragged about living with and helping a married man succeed in his political career before exposing a number of alleged affairs with other married politicians as well.

Will she completely reform? Only time will tell.

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