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Here’s Ferdinand Waititu’s advice to senators aspiring to be governors

By Steve Otieno January 30th, 2020 2 min read

Impeached Kiambu Governor, Ferdinand Waititu left a dossier of wisdom to all the senators aspiring to be future governors.

Defending his case during the hearing and determination of his proposed removal from office by the Kiambu County assembly members in the Senate, he urged the legislators planning to be governors to hear him out.

“For those of you wishing to be governors, hear me out well. MCAs sabotage everything you plan until you bribe them,” Waititu claimed amidst laughter from the senators.

He weighed in on how the ward representatives are so selfish that they will stop at nothing because they believe in succeeding without using the right means.

The outgoing governor also added that handling rogue MCAs was a huge task. He cautioned them to be very careful as they could come up with false testimonies to frustrate their county bosses.


“I want you to see me as somebody who is here because I decided to handle this tough matter. See me as somebody who is in Kiambu, a place where there are so many propagandists and liars out to destroy me,” he said.

Mr waititu also asked the future governors to be wary of bloggers, who he termed as people who would work daily to destroy any county chief.

“Beware of bloggers, these people work daily to just blog all lies and malign my name. They cannot be stopped easily. Be very careful with them,” he cautioned.

He went on to advise future aspiring governors that there was a crop of MCAs who will lie about their academic prowess and use this to convince their colleagues to fight their governor.

“In my case, there is this MCA, who was the first witness here. He has lied to his fellow MCAs that he is learned yet he has no papers to prove it. Now he convinced them that I am corrupt and took Kiambu’s budget to court. This process stalled Kiambu for six months because the courts blocked our accounts,” he said.

In his conclusion, Waititu asked the senators to hear him out and throw his case to the dogs.

The Speaker of the House, Kenneth Lusaka, sent the entire housing laughing when he admitted that he totally related with what Kiambu’s governor had just said about the MCAs.

“On a light note, let me assure you (Waititu), I hear you, I have been there before,” Lusaka said.

Lusaka served as Bungoma’s first governor from 2013 to 2017 where his term was marred by accusations of corruption and misappropriation of funds by the MCAs.

The most profound controversy Lusaka faced was when he admitted to have spend close to Sh 1.1 million to acquire 10 non-carcinogenic wheelbarrows in September 2015.