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Here’s what lifestyle content creator Sharon Mwangi has been up to

Kenyan lifestyle content creator and podcaster, Sharon K Mwangi has been up to something remarkable, and it’s nothing short of inspiring.

In a recent Instagram post, she unveiled her latest venture, a journal infused with her podcast’s tagline, “Best Kept Secrets.” This journal, as she describes it, is a unique blend of devotion, purpose, and prayer, serving as a tool to bring individuals closer to God and to inspire personal growth and spiritual development.

“We’ve officially launched our first @bestkeptsecretspod baby,” Sharon joyfully announced. “Our prayer is that this journal helps you draw closer to God, that it inspires you to do and be better, and also helps you build your prayer life!” She radiated enthusiasm and optimism in her post, and her journal indeed promises to be a valuable addition to the lives of those who choose to embark on this spiritual journey with her.

Sharon’s journal is thoughtfully structured into four distinctive segments, each catering to various aspects of one’s spiritual and personal growth:

Dear God: In this section, you are encouraged to write your heart out to God. It’s a space where you can pour out your thoughts, emotions, and desires, creating a tangible connection with your faith.

Bible Study and Sermon Notes: This part of the journal allows you to record your insights and reflections as you engage in church services, Bible studies, or even while watching sermons or podcasts. It’s a wonderful way to internalize and remember the wisdom shared during spiritual teachings.

Ideas and Inspiration: Here, you can jot down work-related notes, ideas that strike you, or things that have inspired you. This segment extends beyond the spiritual realm and provides a holistic approach to personal growth.

Prayers and Prompts: Writing down your prayers can be a powerful practice. Sharon’s journal encourages you to document your prayers and allows you to revisit them as a testimony to God’s goodness. Additionally, she provides prayer prompts for those moments when you may not know what to pray for, ensuring that your communication with the divine remains heartfelt and sincere.

Sharon’s commitment to helping others on their spiritual journey is evident in the thought and care she has put into creating this journal. She seeks to facilitate a deeper connection with God and personal growth through a journal that encompasses the diverse aspects of life. In her own words, “My deepest desire is that everyone who gets to experience this journal gets to draw closer to God through it, we have different segments within the journal designed to help you do that!”

The Best Kept Secrets journal is priced at Sh2,500, and it’s readily available for order through the @bestkeptsecretspod Instagram page, either via direct message or by contacting them through the provided phone number in their highlights.

Sharon’s latest project showcases her ability to turn ideas into reality at a remarkable pace. She admits, “This was truly God’s doing as it’s undoubtedly the fastest idea I’ve ever executed. If you know me, you know that I tend to overthink my ideas and sit on them for a while, but God said not this one.” It’s a testament to her unwavering faith and commitment to her audience, demonstrating that sometimes the best creations come from the heart.

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