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Senator Karen Nyamu: My dad altered my dream of becoming a beauty queen

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu has opened up about her aspirations to become a Miss Kenya, a dream that faced resistance from her father during her university years.

At the time, Nyamu was pursuing a degree in Law and was scouted for Kenya’s beauty contest while in law school.

“When in law school, I was scouted for the Miss Kenya beauty contest. Due to my height and well-proportioned figure, Chris Kirwa and his team were convinced they had found that year’s winner.”

To prepare for the competition, Nyamu embarked on modeling lessons, honing her walk and learning to showcase her graceful posture. However, she faced a difficult decision as her father, whom she affectionately refers to as Mr. Nyamu, intervened.

“I took some modeling lessons where I learned to walk as I twisted my hips like this. Eventually, Mr. Nyamu told me to choose between school and nonsense, and that was the end of that dream,” Nyamu recounted.

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In yet another interview with Ala C, Karen Nyamu delved into the factors that contributed to her success, particularly emphasizing her father’s role in her life.

Her family played a significant part in her journey, and she was raised in a conservative Christian household, which deeply influenced her values.

Karen Nyamu acknowledged her parents’ unwavering commitment to providing the best for their children, which instilled in her a strong work ethic and a sense of perseverance.

Her upbringing in a loving and supportive environment helped shape her character and ambitions.

Despite her firm family foundation, Nyamu candidly revealed a period of rebellion during her formative years, which occurred before completing eighth grade.

However, her father’s influence and support became instrumental in helping her get back on track, instilling a sense of responsibility and determination to make him proud.

“My dad taught me to be very hardworking, and with that, I learned that things don’t just happen. You have to take steps,” Karen explained.

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