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Ni nini tena? Samidoh’s cousin Bernice in fresh drama with Karen Nyamu

Bernice Saroni, the host taking care of Samidoh and Edday Nderitu’s children in the US, recently found herself in the spotlight after Karen Nyamu threw shade at her.

Edday reportedly worked out of her marriage with Samidoh after the union turned into some sort of a public circus following the entry of Nyamu, who has two children with her husband.

Bernice had garnered praise for reportedly enrolling Samidoh’s children at a US school and showcasing the heartwarming moment on social media.

In a video shared by Bernice, the children were seen getting ready for school, with Michael and Samidoh’s son carrying backpacks and Bernice giving them instructions.

Shirleen Muchoki embarked on eighth grade, while Michael joined second grade, promising to excel in their studies. Bernice encouraged Shirleen to graduate with honors.

Fans of Bernice lauded her for her care and commitment to Edday’s children.

One fan even wrote, “Aunt Bernice, I salute you. May God continue enlarging your territories. I’d like to hear how the Muchoki’s 1st day was.”

However, Karen Nyamu had a different perspective on the matter, which sparked controversy.

In response to a netizen’s comment asking Nyamu to tell Samidoh to check up on his kids, the nominated senator claimed that they had joined a free school in the US.

“Amelea hao watoto singlehandedly for years mnawapa chakula ya tumbo mwezi moja na shule ya bure mnasumbua kila mtu huku.”

(Samidoh) has single-handedly raised those kids for years. You want to disturb us because you have fed them for a month and enrolled them in a free school.)

On September 2, 2023, Bernice did not take kindly to Nyamu’s comments.

She pointed out that the American education system, despite Nyamu’s “free school” remark, is highly regarded globally and requires substantial financial investments, unlike what Nyamu suggested.

Bernice emphasized that quality education is a privilege for many parents and not something to be belittled. She also mentioned the seriousness of bipolar disorder.

“Free school? America’s system is what people are paying millions in Kenya to enroll their kids. Probably it is worth your salary. I am privileged to get this education for my kids. It’s a dream for many parents. Free or not, education is the key. Bipolar (disorder) is real,” she wrote.