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Senator Karen Nyamu credits her success to her dad’s influence

Nominated senator Karen Nyamu recently credited her success to her dad, who was fully present in her life.

In a candid interview with Ala C, the mother of three recounted her journey to success, sharing the insights into her background and upbringing.

Growing up in a conservative Christian family, she also credits her faith for guiding her path.

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She said that her parents’ dedication to providing the best for their children shaped her upbringing, instilling in her a sense of hard work and perseverance.

Despite her upbringing, Karen candidly revealed her rebellious phase before completing class 8.

However, her father’s strong influence and support brought her back on track, instilling a sense of responsibility and determination to make him proud.

“My dad taught me to be very hardworking, and with that, I learned that things don’t just happen. You have to take steps,” Karen explained, emphasizing the importance of taking initiative in achieving one’s dreams.

Her academic journey as a lawyer diverged from some of her peers who chose different paths.

Karen’s dedication to her studies allowed her to graduate in law, a notable accomplishment she attributes to her father’s strictness and guidance.

“All my friends both men and women, we used to party with while in campus did not graduate in law apart from me,” she said.

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Karen has encouraged father figures to be in their children’s lives fully.

“I would support male parents to be in the lives of their daughter’s lives. My dad was very strict on me. I am wild and a free spirit. I do not have boarders and were it not for my dad being strict on me, I would have not succeeded,” she said.

She also expressed her contentment and encouraged young people to pursue their dreams fearlessly.

“I have no regrets because I believe all things work for good according to His purpose,” Karen confidently stated during the interview.

She said her unwavering faith in God’s plan has driven her life, enabling her to embrace every opportunity and challenge with determination.

The senator offered valuable advice to young individuals, urging them to chase their aspirations relentlessly.

She emphasized her own tenacity in striving for her goals, expressing her willingness to fight and use any tactic necessary to achieve her ambitions.

“I will fight to get what I want. I know how to fight until I get what I want. I will use every tactic. I would advise young girls that nothing is impossible.”

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