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High school principal bans female teachers from wearing makeup

The principal of a girls high school in western Kenya has banned her female teachers from wearing makeup while in school.

Friends School Kaimosi Girls principal Violet Opala Oyungu, in a letter to all female teachers, said wearing of makeup while of official duty was leading the students astray.

The principal has confirmed writing the letter.

The letter, whose reference is ‘Use of lipstick and makeup in school‘, is stamped and signed. It has widely been shared on social media platforms.

In the tough worded circular, said the ban takes effect from Thursday May 2, 2016. She however  did not specify the consequences that await violators.

In the letter, she argued that she could no longer enforce discipline on students because they were pointing at their teachers for ‘leading’ them into using makeup.

Here are excerpts of the letter:

 “I write to inform you that we are finding it very difficult to correct some students in our school…they are pointing at us as the ones leading them into doing this.

“I therefore ask that from the date of this letter no female staff should use lipstick or eye makeup while on duty in school and while with students out for any school function

“Let us remain proper role models to the girls in all ways. Remember your outlook is not your up look.”