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How comedian was drugged and robbed of hired equipment worth Sh350,000

Two popular Meru comedians have resorted to soliciting for money from members of public, to pay for a camera and accessories they had hired but which were stolen after they ostensibly inhaled a substance thought to be the Devil’s breath.

Judah Mwiti alias Mayudah and Frankline Murithi aka Muchaina had hired the items worth Sh350,000 to shoot a video for a man posing as an artiste when Mayudah lost them after being drugged.

They have started an online fundraising platform.

Narrating the incident that occurred on August 4, 2020, Mayudah said he was hypnotised and only realised that he had been robbed of the valuables about 30 minutes later.

He says that by the time he regained his thoughts, he was in a barbershop getting his beard shaved yet he had not shaved for long.

“It is then that I realised that I had been robbed. The barber told me that I had arrived together with a dreadlocked man who said that I needed a shave. The man had patted me on the head and I gave him the equipment as I got shaved,” recounted Mayudah.


He says that the man had called using the mobile phone of a boda boda rider known to Mayudah, saying that he needed a quality video shot in the scenic Nyambene ranges.

He also asked for two video vixens, two male actors and the two comedians to be incorporated in the video.

They met in a hotel where the man offered to pay Sh18,000 for the shoot and also cater for the models and they sealed the deal.

Mayudah approached a friend who lent him his Nikon 75D and accessories that amounted to Sh350,000.


As the video vixens went to a salon for sprucing up, the man pulled Mayudah aside and went to a nearby barbershop where he had his beard shaved and the equipment stolen.

Following the theft, Mayudah and another friend were held at the Maua Police Station before negotiating with the camera owner to be allowed time to pay for the equipment.

The two comedians are now seeking help from fellow artistes in Meru to raise funds say the man who robbed them never used his phone number or gave out an identification.

“All this time, the man claimed that his phone was off and was using the boda boda rider’s phone. He also wore a mask and thus I only saw the eyes and the dreadlocks. We have been given up to Monday this week but the money is not enough. The owner agreed to extend time up to Saturday. I have gathered information that the man fled in a taxi and then used boda boda,” Mayudah said.