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Awinja: Eight men were mentioned as the ‘father’ of my unborn child

Actress Jacky Vike has lifted the lid on how Kenyans trolled her on social media when she was expectant. The trolls, she said, included wild and outrageous speculations about her unborn child’s paternity.

Vike, who is better known by the stage name Awinja and is famous for her role as a house help in the once immensely popular TV comedy Papa Shirandula, made the revelations during an interview with comedian MC Jessy.

“I got frustrated at first and then just decided to take things with a light touch,” Vike narrated during the interview in which she appeared alongside Wilbroda – real name Jacquey Nyaminde – who was her on-set employer on Papa Shirandula.

“Upto eight men were mentioned as the father of my unborn child. Among them was a Member of the County Assembly (MCA) in my village, someone I never even knew on a personal level. There was also a watchman on that list,” she said.


With lessons learnt from the experience, the actress says she decided to keep her boy off social media, at least for now.

“People will make judgements. Some will tell him that he is ugly. I don’t want him to suffer just because he is my son, you know. And you never know, I might also get annoyed one day and insult someone over such a matter because I cannot tolerate such,” she said.

Vike also took a moment to celebrate the life of Charles Bukeko aka Papa Shirandula, the prominent actor who recently passed on, for exposing her talent and mentoring her.

Vike, who played her role on Papa Shirandula for seven years, promised her fans that she will soon be back on TV.