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How Diamond Platnumz changed his mind on getting married on wedding day

Diamond Platnumz ‘elder sister Esma Khan has opened up on a rare occurrence when their mother Bi Sandra Mama Dangote forced the bongo flava sensation to marry a lady namely Sofia.

Esma opened up on how the family has been persistent in its quest to push the musician into finding a soulmate when Sofia suddenly came into the picture.

She says their mother was determined to have the Bongoflava star take in Sofia.
Emma says the project was successful. Well, almost.

Esma who recently wedded for the third time, however maintains her belief his superstar brother will one day marry as is the wish of the majority of his family members.

The family is however not certain how much longer the wait is going to be.

“We have spoken to him a lot over the matter. However, for every step only God approves when the time is right. We might force him to marry and yet his time isn’t ready. In the past, we tried forcing him to marry but then realised his timing wasn’t ripe,” Esma reveals.

The cosmetic entrepreneur says there was a lady in the picture whom they attempted to ‘force’ Diamond into marrying but their efforts didn’t bear any fruits.

“There was a lady called Sofia, an advance party was dispatched to her home to go pay dowry. What remained was for the day when we were supposed to go and officially introduce ourselves to her family.
Diamond and his groomsmen even got themselves matching outfits imported from Turkey. Everything was set, Diamond was hyped about the whole thing, the lady had visited our home for her introduction but when the day first approached, Diamond had a change of heart. He called the lady and told her he had thought about it and was calling off the whole plan because he felt he wasn’t ready just yet,” Esma explains.

Diamond’s change of heart startled everybody, especially his mother who made last minute attempts to force his son to proceed with the plan.

“Mother couldn’t take it, he tried forcing him and even at some point threatened him with a curse-you know how parents can be sometimes- but still it couldn’t work,” Esma adds.

Noticing how upset their mother was, Diamond held a candid conversation with her and explained he could not get married just to please her.”

“He told mum even if he goes ahead and makes her happy by marrying (Sofia), would she be happy to see the relationship stumble and be short-lived because one party (him)isn’t fully committed to the marriage?”

Esma maintains they can’t wait to see their superstar getting married but they have no choice but to wait for his time.

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