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Here’s how best to enjoy your tequila, according to Don Julio Brand Ambassador

By HILARY KIMUYU February 11th, 2018 2 min read

The growing uptake of luxury tequila and appreciation of its superior quality and the increase in Kenyans with higher disposable incomes, global exposure and refined tastes has fueled demand for more premium alcoholic brands.

With this in mind, Don Julio has sought to enhance the consumer experience by offering mentorship sessions with the first ‘Don’ for Don Julio Tequila, Deano Moncrieffe who was in Kenya last week.

The Global Brand Ambassador, trained and mentored bartenders, mixologists and connoisseurs on the authentic heritage of tequila, the ultra-premium variants and the ultimate Don Julio experience.

The highlight of his trip was at this year’s Pan-African Arts & Cultural Festival; Africa Nouveau, which was be held at Ngong Racecourse waterfront.

Speaking to Nairobi News at the event at the new Don Julio Mobile craft bar, Deano Moncrieffe explained about his world in the tequila business.

Having been in the industry for more than 9 years, he explained how all tequilas are made from the Blue Agave plant and that tequila production was actually only legal in Mexico.


“Tequila in itself is a very versatile product in the market. Most people may misunderstand it and think that it gives you massive hangovers. However, it depends on how you take it. The beauty of luxury tequila such as Don Julio is that you can take it without adding any soda or lime,” said Deano.

Deano also expressed his joy for finally visiting Kenya which has been on top of his list of places to visit.

“We actually came here with an idea of the cocktails we wanted to make but when we got here and got into the supermarkets we loved the different local ingredients. So we tried them out. Also, you will find that products like coconut water or sugarcane water taste very differently here as opposed to what I am used to back at home so this gives us such great products to work with,” he said.

He further said they are looking into getting into new and strong partnerships with other companies all over the world especially in countries they have not quite ventured into.

They also wanted to educate people about the products they offer and about the differences between good and bad tequila.

At the event they served a few of these drinks with a first of its kind outside the United States and Europe craft and draft bar for people to have a chance to try them out.