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How girl, 16, escaped from rapist Isis ‘Agent’ in Eastleigh

A brave 16-year-old girl is fighting for her life at the Kijabe Mission Hospital after she daringly jumped from fourth floor of a hotel she had been detained by a suspected Islamic State in Syria (ISIS) agent in Eastleigh, Nairobi.

The girl, whose name we cannot disclose because she is a minor, was abducted from Taita Taveta County by two men as she left school in the evening on May 12 and brought to Nairobi where she was handed over to a different man.

The man, who is now in custody at the Pangani Police Station, is alleged to have locked the girl in a hotel room and raped her repeatedly from Wednesday May 13 till Tuesday May 19 when she jumped through the window and sustained multiple fractures.

Police say the girl was able to give her parents contacts to the authorities who contacted them. They are now with her at the hospital.

Records at the hotel located on Eastleigh 7th Street indicate that the man had booked in the girl with a pseudo name and lied that she was his sister.

Police collected part of the beddings, some clothes, a passport and the girl’s uniform which included a Hijab from the hotel to help in their investigations.

The suspect is set to appear in court on Monday to answer to several charges including rape and abduction. The girl was taken to theatre on Friday for an operation to fix her fractures.

Police said the man had informed the girl that he intended to sell her as a sex slave to the Islamic State in Syria.

The incident comes as two families in South C are still looking for their daughters who allege to have travelled to Syria.