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How Imara Daima businessman was abducted by masked men never to be seen again

Mr Martin Nganar Kamanga, also known as Ngana K Ali, was forcefully taken from his residence in Imara Daima estate by a group of four masked men accompanied by a woman on May 31, 2023. Since that day, he has vanished without a trace, leaving his family in deep distress and the neighbourhood on edge.

Prior to this chilling abduction, Mr Kamanga had never encountered any threats or hostile situations.

However, unsettling details have emerged, revealing an earlier encounter on May 18, 2023. During this incident, he was approached by a group of individuals claiming to be police officers who confiscated his phone, laptop, and ID card for several hours before returning them.

The disturbing connection between these events has raised alarming questions about the motives behind his disappearance.

The family told this reporter that Mr Kamanga, who was a businessman and owned a clearing and forwarding company called ADL Cargo on Mombasa Road, had never received any threats.

“My husband has no criminal record as far as I know because he has never been charged in court. There is not a single day that he was arrested for any mistake whatsoever,” his wife Naomi Nganar told Nairobi News on Tuesday, June 13, 2023.

On the day he was picked up, a woman entered the apartment where he lives and asked to speak to the caretaker.

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According to his wife, the woman then asked the caretaker if they had an empty house in the compound and when he said yes, she excused herself, saying she wanted to call her husband, who was waiting in a car parked outside the compound.

The woman, who had not yet introduced herself, returned a few minutes later, accompanied by four well-built men, who instructed the caretaker to take them to the house where Mr Kamanga lived.

It is worth noting that the four men were wearing face masks and headphones, making it difficult for anyone to recognise them.

When they arrived at Mr Kamanga’s house, one went inside while the other three waited outside.

“My house help and our seven-year-old son were all inside, and the man ordered Mr Kamanga to follow them. He told them to wait for some time before joining them and they left the compound,” said Ms Nganar.

Once outside, she said, he was bundled into a waiting Probox Toyota car with no registration number.

That was the last time Mr Kamanga was seen by his neighbours and people who knew him well.

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It has emerged that Mr Kamanga, a born Christian, had long since converted to Islam and even used to worship at the Mradi Mosque in Embakassi Estate.

The family lodged a complaint at Villa Police Station and was given Occurrence Book (OB) number 54/01/06/2023 and they are hoping that the police, who started investigations on Tuesday, June 13, 2023, will assist in unravelling what may have happened.

“The officers visited us on Tuesday morning and told us that the investigation has started, we hope that he will be found safe and sound,” the wife said.

Ms Nganar said her husband was the only breadwinner, and she was already beginning to feel the strain of living without him.

Several people have even started a campaign on Facebook to find out his whereabouts, spearheaded by his sister-in-law, Ms Lilian Orina.

Ms Orina told Nairobi News that they were hopeful that he was safe and that nothing bad had happened to him.

“He was a soft-spoken man and I just hope that wherever he is, he is safe and one day we will know what may have happened,” she said.

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