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How much DJ Mo paid as dowry for Size 8

Popular mixmaster, DJ Mo has refuted claims that he has not paid dowry for his wife Size 8.

The father of two credits Size 8’s late mother for her pivotal role in ensuring her daughter married him.

Muraya recounts that during those days, he was a young man striving to establish his reputation in the industry.

Speaking in an interview with Oga Obinna, DJ Mo candidly revealed the challenges he faced while raising the dowry.

“Before she publicly announced her conversion to Christianity, I visited her home. I had scraped together 150k for her dowry, but it was an uphill battle to gather that sum,” he shared.

“I was on the brink, and if she had declined, I would’ve been utterly devastated – even if it meant losing everything.”

He attributed his success in marrying Linet (Size 8) to her late mother, acknowledging her pivotal role in their union.

“The person who truly made Linet my wife is her late mother,” DJ Mo added, expressing profound gratitude.

DJ Mo also clarified that his initial payment of 150k was part of the Kikuyu tradition, but he emphasized that over time, he has contributed more.

“As she released her hit song ‘Mateke,’ our spiritual transformation was already underway. She was living in South B, and I resided in Githurai 44. Together, we embarked on a new journey in Thindigua as a married couple,” DJ Mo further explained.

In a past interview with a local newspaper, Size 8 revealed that rich men wanted to marry her but when she introduced DJ Mo to her mother, she said he was going to be a good husband.

“I did not know him but I liked his honesty. He was broke but when he met me, he told me he does not have the money to spend on me but in future he will,” Size 8 said in an interview.

“The fact that it is hard to get an honest man, I chose him.”

“People speculated that we were seeking attention, but our commitment was genuine.”

Tragedy struck in 2015 when Size 8’s mother passed away shortly after the birth of her firstborn daughter, Ladasha Wambui.

The family’s ordeal began in late 2014 when her mother’s health declined due to kidney issues.

After consulting with medical experts, it was recommended that she undergo a kidney transplant in India.

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