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How Nairobi woman ‘summoned’ baby daddy to threaten and beat husband

By Joseph Ndunda September 24th, 2023 3 min read

A woman who is reported to have beat up her husband and threatened to kill him before inviting her baby daddy to the husband’s house at the height of a domestic dispute is battling charges related to assault and issuing death threats in relation to the incident.

In the assault charge, Ms Grace Wanjiku, 35,  is jointly charged alongside her ‘ex-lover’ Gilbert Osolo Onono of assaulting and occasioning actual bodily harm to Mr Umberto Daniel contrary to section 251 of the Penal Code.

They are accused of assaulting Mr Daniel inside his house at South B estate, Nairobi, on September 10, 2023.

Each of them is separately charged with threatening to kill Mr Daniel in contravention of section 223 of the criminal procedure code, during the commotion that happened at the complainant’s house.

On her part, Ms Wanjiku is accused of threatening to kill Mr Daniel after allegedly uttering the words “I will kill somebody……. don’t dare me” to him without a lawful excuse, while holding a kitchen knife.

Ms Wanjiku is alleged to have uttered the words to Mr Daniel after he asked her where she was coming from after returning home past midnight.

Mr. Onono was to be charged with issuing death threats to Mr Daniel after allegedly threatening to shoot him but he did not turn up in court and the court has summoned him.

He is accused of uttering words “nitakupiga risasi mimi…nitakuua mimi (I will shoot you… I will kill you)” to Mr Daniel during the commotion inside his house.

Ms Onono allegedly uttered the words to Mr Daniel upon arriving at the complainant’s house after Ms Wanjiku called him to the scene where she was engaged in a domestic dispute with her husband.

Police and the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) believe the words allegedly uttered by the two suspects amount to threats to Mr Daniel’s life.

Ms Wanjiku was also charged with creating a disturbance in a manner likely to cause a breach of peace contrary to section 95 (b) of the Penal Code after allegedly causing chaos at the complainant’s house.

Mr Daniel was inside his house when Ms Wanjiku returned home past midnight and he asked her where she was coming from. He had been suspecting her of infidelity.

Police say Ms Wanjiku turned violent and allegedly started throwing household items around and dismantling them before a scuffle ensued between her and Ms Daniel.

She allegedly took a knife and started scratching walls while threatening that “I will kill somebody…don’t dare me” while packing her belongings.

Ms Wanjiku is said to have called Mr Onono who arrived in a few minutes and teamed up with Ms Wanjiku in assaulting Mr Daniel before issuing the alleged death threats.

The two suspects later left the scene together and Mr Daniel proceeded to South B police station where he reported the incident at around 3am.

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Police officers on duty visited his home conducted their investigations and recovered the knife that Ms Wanjiku is said to have used to threaten her husband.

Ms Wanjiku denied the charges before Senior Principal Magistrate Hellen Okwany of the Makadara Law Courts.

The officer investigating the matter Corporal Horace Arwa filed an application to oppose bail and bond terms for Ms Wanjiku and her “ex-lover” claiming the two are possible flight risks since they could get out of the country.

Mr Arwa said Mr Onono was uncooperative during investigations adding that the suspect asked for Mr Daniel’s car’s registration details, an indication that he is planning to trail him.

But Ms Okwany said she would not register Cpl. Arwa’s averments against Mr Onono because the suspect had not been presented before her.

Mw Wanjiku’s lawyer Veinna Mong’are dismissed Cpl. Arwa’s application said it was lacking in merits and was merely based on apprehensions.

Ms Mong’are said the charges against her clients are mere allegations and her client is constitutionally entitled to bail and bond terms just like any other suspect.

Ms Okwany remanded Ms Wanjiku in custody until October 23 and ordered a social inquiry report to be done by the Probation and aftercare services department that will inform her decision on bail and bond terms. Ms Wanjiku will wait while in custody at the Nairobi Women’s Prison.

The magistrate summoned Mr Onono to appear in court on October 23 during the mention of the case, when he is expected to be charged.