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Milly wa Jesus: My first date with Kabi was a prayer date

By Winnie Mabel September 24th, 2023 2 min read

Celebrity couple Milly and Kabi wa Jesus are a renowned vlogging couple who identify as born-again Christians. The two post content about marriage; sometimes sweet and funny and other times, a bit over the top and sexualized.

But they are loved by their followers for the content they create.

Speaking recently to Kalondu Musyimi, Milly revealed how she and Kabi met and what their first date was like.

“It was a prayer meeting kind of date. So I was going for prayers at 5am and we went for prayers. After prayers, we went for coffee and we considered that coffee as our first date,” Milly said.

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The two got married in 2017. The couple enjoys posting content under the #marriageworks and often bragging about their marriage.

“People telling me to pray for them to get a husband like Kabi all these people being like, ‘Milly niombee nipate bwana kama wako (pray for me to get a husband like yours)’ so in that light, of course, Kabi is the most loved husband in Kenya, because there is no way you can be loved if you haven’t loved,” Milly once said publicly.

However, not all has been rosy for the two content creators. Their marriage almost broke following a scandal that involved Kabi and his cousin being intimate and conceiving a child. Things got very nasty with Milly announcing that she was leaving Kabi.

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“It almost got me depressed, and I started praying and reading more about the word of God and pray,” revealed Kabi.

Kabi and Milly welcomed their first child in 2019 (Kabi’s second) and the second one in 2022. Kabi is hopeful that they will conceive a third child before 2023 is over.

” I believe that this is the year of access, access to things that you have being praying for, access to happiness, access to good health, access to love and laugh, access to the mind of God through a relationship with the Holy Spirit in Jesus name. Naona pia 2023 na access baby number 3,” said Kabi earlier this year.

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