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How Sonko’s daughter brushed off ‘team mafisi’ on Instagram

By Winnie Mabel September 29th, 2022 2 min read

Saumu Mbuvi, the eldest daughter of former Nairobi governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko, on Wednesday held a Q&A session with her fans on Instagram, and it was wild!

Several men stepped forward asking to date her and do all manner of things with her but it was her responses that carried the day.

“When am I being the father of your kids,” one fan asked Saumu to which Saumu responded, “Lol, mnavutanga nini saa zingine (what do you people smoke some times)? I play both roles very well. We are good.”

Several other male fans insisted that they wanted to love Saumu and begged for a chance, promising not to disappoint her.

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“Not interested, my kids’ love is enough. I’m complete,” Saumu shot back.

Yet another one asked Saumu if she’d accept a ring from him.

“I’m off dating for a while…sorry, not interested,” she responded once again.

The cream of the cake, however, was when Saumu revealed what she preferred to do instead of dating after a fan expressed his thirst for the lass.

“I keep wanting you more day by day, looking at your photos just makes me want to marry you,” the fan gushed out.

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To this Saumu responded by saying, “No thank you. Narudi shule kuongeza elimu (I’m going back to school for further studies)… I want no distractions. Lazima niitwe (I must be called) Dr Saumu someday. InshaAllah.”

Saumu has been publicly unlucky in love after two failed relationships that ended in scandalous circumstances. She first loved Benson Gatu with whom they went on to have a daughter but the relationship turned sour when Gatu allegedly cheated on Saumu with the daughter of another governor.

Following their breakup, Saumu fell in love with former Lamu Senator Anwar Loitiptip and they went on to have a daughter as well. This relationship likewise ended in drama after it was alleged that the politician was a serial philanderer and one who was domestically violent.

Saumu now takes care of her daughters with the help of her family.

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