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How Wajackoyah sponsored Nuru Okanga’s 2023 KCPE

By Winnie Mabel November 24th, 2023 2 min read

The 2023 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education national exam results were released on November 24, 2023, by the Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu.

This was the last cohort that will ever sit these exams in the 8-4-4 education system that has run in the country since independence to date.

One person, in particular, has been making waves after sitting the national examinations at age 32.

Mr Nuru Okanga, a renowned Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Alliance and Raila Odinga loyalist is reported to have sat the examinations as a private student at the Mumias Muslim Primary School in Kakamega County.

Once the results were announced, many were eager to know what he scored in the exams normally sat by pupils around age 13.

Speaking to NTV’s Fridah Mwaka, Mr Okanga revealed that it was 2022 presidential candidate George Wajackoyah who facilitated and inspired his education because he saw a future leader in him.

“He told me I’m a leader but an uneducated leader won’t have good leadership. He told me you can be a leader because you know how to talk but he wanted me if I was voted to Parliament or Assembly, I would fight for my people well. As I am interested in a political seat in 2027, he told me I should go back to school and prepare myself even if it means doing the exams. He took me to a school, registered, and paid for me to sit the exams.

He had hired a private teacher for me and that’s why people often asked when I studied because I was all over the country. I moved around during the day and studied at night- even placing my feet in a cold bucket of water to prevent drowsiness. The last two weeks, we went on a study and revision marathon to refresh myself on the exam material,” said Mr Okanga.

Having studied up to Standard Three and dropped out due to life situations at home despite being a bright pupil, Mr Okanga said he intentionally wanted to reveal this publicly on media the time he sat his exams so that in 2027, they don’t come and accuse me of faking results papers on River Road.

As speculation over his KCPE 2023 results continues to gain momentum on social media, Mr Okanga claimed that he scored more than the 401 marks being floated around. However, he would neither confirm nor deny if the marks were actually his because he was not the one who posted them online but others had requested his marks and posted them online without asking him.

He revealed he now wants to sit for his secondary schooling at Alliance Boys High School and already had a sponsor who had come forward for him.

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