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EXCLUSIVE: Why Eric Omondi has not helped struggling Magix Enga and Mwana Mtule

Comedian Eric Omondi has found himself at the center of public scrutiny as he has yet to show support for ailing gospel musician, Alpha Mwana Mtule, who has been battling health issues for nearly a month.

Despite active fundraising for other struggling Kenyans, Eric Omondi’s silence on his close friend Mwana Mtule’s situation has raised eyebrows and sparked concerns among Kenyans.

In an interview with Nairobi News, Eric Omondi addressed the delay, explaining he needed a clear understanding of Mwana Mtule’s situation before seeking public support.

“At the beginning of this story, when it came out, I was on my way to Meru, and I saw a trending story that Mwana Mtule was dead and then, I read that he was about to release an album. Then his wife called me later, telling me that he was poisoned in Rongai. I did not know the exact story. I am still finding out what really happened to him before I come back and tell Kenyans to support him. I do not want to be attacked on social media,” Eric Omondi explained.

He further emphasized the need for a diligent background check on the situations of struggling artists like Mwana Mtule and Magix Enga before initiating fundraising efforts.

“The reason I have not fundraised for the current two artists who are struggling, Magix Enga and Mwana Mtule, is because I need to do a diligent background check up on what exactly is happening,” he added.

Regarding the case of Magix Enga, who recently sought support due to financial difficulties, Eric Omondi expressed concern about the credibility of the request, considering previous statements made by Magix Enga.

“I checked, for example, in the case of Magix Enga, there was a time he said he was Illuminati and that he said there was money there. How do I come again and tell Kenyans that this person needs help? Kenyans will not take me seriously when I come with a serious health issue,” Eric Omondi said.

Despite the delay, Eric Omondi made a rare call for unity among Kenyan artists to support Mwana Mtule in his time of need.

“For Mwana Mtule, I want to call upon all artists, including DJs and comedians, to unite and raise his medical funds. Sisi kwa Sisi kama Wasanii. It is a case for artists. I will pay for the K hall and sound. His bill is very little for all artists to come together and support him as one of them,” Eric Omondi urged.

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