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Nameless recounts being assaulted in Wahu’s presence

David Mathenge, popularly known as Nameless, has candidly shared the hurdles he faced during the initial stages of dating his wife, Wahu Kagwi.

The celebrated artist, who is a father of three, met Wahu while they were both in campus.

Recalling the early days of their relationship, Nameless in a recent episode of the Mic Cheque Podcast revealed that he encountered several challenges that led him to question their connection.

“When I just hooked up with wifey(Wahu), like in the first three months, too many negative things were happening. I was like, hey ‘Huyu dem ni bad luck, nampenda lakini how is it possible that in three months this sh*t has happened.'”

One incident stood out, where Nameless and Wahu were walking hand in hand on campus, only to encounter a group of men.

In an unprovoked attack, Nameless was slapped by one of the men.

Despite the unexpected assault, Nameless tried to stand his ground and appear unfazed.

He recounted the tense moment, sharing:

“I removed my specs, put them in my back pocket, and left the rest to God. The gang thought I had a knife, which scared them a bit. Realizing what was happening, I started daring them to fight me with my hand still in my pocket.”

Fortunately, Nameless and Wahu were rescued by a group of Rugby players who recognized the artist.

The challenges persisted, with Nameless narrating another incident where a GSU truck full of officers mistook him for a rioter.

Despite these hurdles, Wahu, determined to support her boyfriend, would often check on him during tumultuous times.

Reflecting on those early days, Nameless humorously remarked:

“I used to tell her to stay in her room when there are riots, but she is like, ‘Oh my God, there is too much drama, I need to come and check on my boyfriend.’ This girlfriend of mine is just problems.”

Through thick and thin, Nameless and Wahu’s love prevailed, and the couple has become one of Kenya’s most admired celebrity pairs.

They have been together for 18 years and have been blessed with three children: Nyakio, Tumiso and Shiro.

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