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How Wema Sepetu blew millions on unsuccessful political venture

Former Miss Tanzania, Wema Sepetu, has revealed trying a hand in politics contributed to her financial challenges.

The actress has also denied claims of squandering her wealth through extravagant spending.

During an interview with Manara TV, Sepetu clarified her financial difficulties were a result of her venture into politics.

She opened up on her she invested a significant amount of money in her campaign for the Singida MP seat in 2015 but failed to clinch the seat.

Sepetu disclosed that approximately KSh 18 million was spent in her pursuit, with hopes of emerging victorious.

“If you claim that my inability to afford luxury cars today is due to my extravagance, I must disagree. The truth is that I ran for a political position, and that is where most of my funds were directed. I used nearly KSh 18 million, even though I had KSh 16 million in my bank account at the time,” she explained.

Wema added that she also sought contributions from various brands, who kindly supported her.

“Unfortunately, after losing the election, I found myself starting from scratch again. It was a wake-up call for me because I had assumed I would win. This setback marked the beginning of my downfall,” she expressed.

Wema says she does not perceive it as a challenge but rather as an opportunity for personal growth.

During the previous general elections, Kenyan celebrities who ventured into politics acknowledged the high costs associated with the field.

Jalang’o, for instance, expressed his awareness that politics is a serious matter, fraught with risks and tainted by unethical practices.

When questioned about whether people demand money from him, he confirmed that campaigning requires substantial financial resources.

“Every time you attend a meeting to address the people and outline your plans for them, you realize that many are struggling to make ends meet.

Consequently, their immediate response often revolves around requests for assistance,” he shared.

Fortunately, he scooped the Lang’ata MP seat.

Singer Bahati, who made a bid for the Mathare MP position, revealed his significant expenditure during the campaign, despite ultimately losing the election.

Bahati revealed that he invested over 33 million Kenyan shillings in his campaign.

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