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How you can remain relevant on TikTok

Apart from being an entertainment App, TikTok can also be a means of earning a living, especially for those who keen on creating unique content. Launched in 2016, TikTok has gained popularity among Kenyans.

With growing audiences, there is a need for more content to be created. But content creation in itself is not that simple. However, you can remain relevant to content consumers depending on the content you create.

Here are some ways to remain relevant on TikTok:

1. Post authentic content as often as possible – If you want remain relevant on TikTok, then you have to be consistent, by posting videos on the platform as often as possible. By posting consistently, you can also see what is working and what isn’t. On the other hand, you have to ensure that your content is original and authentic.

2. Have a sense of humour – Kenyans love humorous content. For you to remain relevant, you have to ensure that you are creating content that amuses viewers. The best way to engage with TikTok users is to have fun and connect through humour. Users on this platform are looking to be entertained. Ensure that you have videos that are memorable. Instead of focusing on views, have fun creating content, and the audience will follow.

3. Create content in line with existing trends – To avoid being out of place, you have to ensure that you create contents that align with what is trending. Being current puts you ahead of others. Users on this platform will seek out content under trending hashtags that can help introduce your brand to a new audience. Leveraging existing trends can expand your creativity and tap into content that you already know successfully draws in viewers.

4. Entertain your audience – As you sell yourself outside there, you have to also put your consumers before you. A content creator must always focus on entertaining their audience. While TikTok offers an opportunity to inform and entertain your target audience, there is also the necessity to promote your brand. If a video appears to be too much of an advertisement, viewers will skip it. It is therefore important to inform and entertain first, bringing in an audience to engage with your videos when just starting.

5. Give TikTokers full-screen focus – How you shoot your videos matters so much on TikTok. Ensure that your content is in portrait mode. This format ensures that you are taking up the entire screen with your message and implementing best practices for displaying your content on the platform. It is important to consider this preferred layout when developing content.

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