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Huddah hibernates after ‘stealing’ balling pictures

May 22nd, 2015 1 min read

Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe has hibernated from social media after she was exposed for shamelessly stealing photos to lie about her “lavish lifestyle” during a recent tour of Nigeria.

Huddah's Facebook post with a photo from her private party in Lagos, Nigeria.
Huddah’s Facebook post with a ‘stolen’ photo from her ‘private party in Lagos, Nigeria’.

Huddah, who once confused the late actor Paul Walker with American rapper Paul Wall, had superimposed her pictures with one showing colossal amounts of money in dollar bills thrown at her during the “invite-only” bash allegedly held at Banana Island in Ikoyi, Lagos. She captioned the picture: “It’s not even a strip club”.

The original post on
The original post on an Instagram account called @meggabillionsentertainment

Another photo showed an assortment of expensive whiskeys and cognacs placed on ice. It is captioned: “The private party that went down.”

It has now emerged that Huddah, who claims to be a businesswoman, stole these pictures from an Instagram account called @meggabillionsentertainment.

Huddah’s Facebook post with a ‘stolen’ photo from her ‘private party in Lagos, Nigeria’.

Huddah was exposed by an Instagram user who attached the pictures showing @meggabillionsentertainment’s images had been uploaded three weeks before Huddah’s.

Megga Billions Entertainment is a record label based in Abuja, Nigeria. The socialite, who usually shares pictures with her 261,000 followers on an hourly basis, has since deleted the stolen pictures and has not uploaded any pictures for the last six weeks.

The real photo on @meggabillionsentertainment’s Instagram account.