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‘I shed tears when you left’… Samidoh’s TikTok post sparks reaction

Samuel Muchoki alias Samidoh has stirred up a significant reaction among his followers with a recent TikTok post that captures a poignant moment during his UK tour.

The video features Samidoh enthusiastically singing along to the song “Beijing China” by Kamande wa Kioi, a track laden with emotional undertones that resonates deeply with his current personal situation.

The song, which tells the tale of a wife who departed with her husband’s escort to attend a women’s conference in Beijing, only to never return, struck a chord with Samidoh’s fans due to its poignant lyrics.

“I escorted you to the airport when you were heading for women’s conference. When the plane took off, I was left shedding tears…” echoed the heartache and longing that Samidoh himself is currently experiencing.

“I do not understand who had given the licence of the meeting since you refused to come back…”

Samidoh’s wife Edday Nderitu has notably remained in the US with their three children after he escorted them there in April.

This song’s narrative aligned remarkably with his situation, garnering empathy and understanding from his followers.

The emotional resonance of the song has led fans to reflect on Samidoh’s personal struggles and the complexities of his relationship.

The fans’ reactions to Samidoh’s TikTok post have been a mix of compassion, advice, and humor:

Here is what Samidoh’s fans have told him. Bobo: tunajua sio Beijing allow us to overthink.

@Aggibebz7: Eddy typing in English and deleting in kimaasai.

Nash Joy: mwenye alimuita meeting si ni Bernice haaya We are going on well tusemanie Saturday pale nice digital utuibie hii.

Agaltoto~Lucy karinga💕: Team nothing but prayers is working miraculous.

Eunice Muguro: Now I understand what is 1st love.. nothing will come between you two.. may God fill the gap.

Belidah Kangai: the true example ya kurambwa ni samido utabidi uzoee.

kayclina: USA map stay away from Sam.

Julie blessed n redeemed: najua unamiss the love of your youth…that’s great. annegacheru958: You already lost a gold kubali imeisha Kenya haturudi

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