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‘I was never humble… I’m now rich’, Elsa Majimbo claps back at online trolls

Comedian Elsa Majimbo recently attracted varied online reactions over her choice of attire.

The 22-year-old shared photos on her X account, showcasing her outfit – an animal print grey dress, paired with a black weave and heels – worn at the launch hosted by Lori Harvey, daughter of renowned TV personality Steve Harvey.

However, a substantial number of X users took issue with Majimbo’s appearance, asserting that she seemed to have put minimal effort into her look, considering her status as a rising star in the entertainment industry.

Critics went as far as advising Majimbo to enlist the services of a stylist to enhance her appearance before gracing red carpet events.

The online trolling reached such a level that Elsa Majimbo felt compelled to address the relentless comments on her X account this Sunday.

In response to the wave of criticism, the unapologetic comedian expressed bewilderment, questioning why people chose to engage in bullying rather than allowing her the freedom to live her life as she pleases.

“Y’all are so funny. Abeg why am I being bullied today?” Majimbo wrote.

Elsa Majimbo further responded to claims that money had changed her, asserting that she was never humble but rather a victim of her circumstances at that time.

In a video addressing the haters, she confidently stated:

“I have seen a lot of comments from people saying how money has changed me so much. Of course, it has, are you joking? I was never humble, I was a victim of my circumstances, do you know the differences?”

She went on to address the transformation in her style, attributing it to her financial success, stating:

“Oh what happened to the old Elsa, oh money changed her. She got her money up and my net worth went through the roof, that’s what happened to the old Elsa. Ooh her style has changed so much, yeah, I am rich now. Even the laugh is rich.”