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Ida Odinga posts pictures of heir apparent to the Odinga dynasty

Ida Odinga has shared pictures of her grandchild, Allay, the son of her late son Fidel Odinga, on the day her father-in-law Jaramogi Odinga passed away.

Mrs Odinga shared the pictures of the heir apparent to the Odinga dynasty on Facebook to mark 22 years since the death of the family’s patriarch Jaramogi Oginga Odinga.

One of the pictures show Allay atop a couch staring a grazing cow through the window, while others show him riding a bike.

Allay Odinga enjoys a bicycle ride at his grandfather's homestead. PHOTO | COURTESY
Allay Odinga enjoys a bicycle ride at his grandfather’s homestead. PHOTO | COURTESY

In one of the comments, Ida says Allay asked her why the cow was eating grass and why it could not use the toilet.

Sophie Spira wrote: May the hands of God protect and guide him all the days of his life. Very handsome like his dad. God bless your family Ida –tuko pamoja na yesu.”

Vincento Strong added: “Fidel copyright growing fast. May God guide him to the fullest.”

Dan Owegi said: “Fidel is still alive in this young prince.”

Rose Nyakwaka wrote: “Wow Mama Ida Odinga your grandson has grown! Cute little boy! May God’s favour be upon him. God gave you and baba a grandson to wipe away your tears. To God be the glory. May fidel rest with the angels.

Both Jaromogi and Fidel passed away in the month of January.

Fidel Odinga, the first born son of Kenya’s opposition leader and Ida’s husband Raila Odinga, was found dead in his house in the early morning of January 4, 2015.

His death prompted police investigation.

Pallbearers carry body of  Fidel Odinga. PHOTO | FILE
Pallbearers carry body of Fidel Odinga. PHOTO | FILE

Fidel , 41, seen by political observers as a potential successor to his father, returned home on a Saturday morning after an evening out drinking with friends and was found dead in his bed on Sunday morning.

Mr Odinga, former Prime Minister and the leader of the opposition Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD), is an outspoken critic of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s government.

Mr Odinga is at the moment spearheading a challenge of missing Eurobond billions and has named senior government officials he says should explain the mystery behind the missing Eurobond billions.