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I’m sorry! Samuel Eto’o speaks after assaulting blogger in viral video

By Beth Nyambura December 7th, 2022 2 min read

Former Cameroon World Cup star Samuel Eto’o has apologized to his fans after his altercation with a blogger caught on video went viral.

Eto’o went into hiding Tuesday, December 6, after he was filmed kneeing an Algerian blogger in the face in a viral video.

The video showed Eto’o breaking free from people seeking to restrain him and assaulting the blogger now identified as Sadouni SM.

The man then fell back after being struck.

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A Cameroon federation official had said that former Barcelona striker Eto’o did not want to speak about the incident.

Well, through his Twitter page, the four-time African Player of the Year sent a statement confirming that he was involved in the violent altercation.

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The 41-year-old, who is an ambassador for the Qatar World Cup, acknowledged that he had an ugly altercation with a person who was probably an Algerian supporter after the Brazil-South Korea Match.

Eto’o went on to apologise to the public for this unfortunate incident saying the altercation has stained his brand.

“I would like to apologise for losing my temper and reacting in a way that does not match my personality,” he said.

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“I pledge to continue to resist the relentless provocation and daily harassment of some Algerian supporters.”

He narrated a past scenario stating that since the Cameroon-Algeria match on March 29, 2022, in Blida, he has been the target of insults and allegations of cheating without any evidence.

“During this World Cup, Cameroonian fans have been harassed and pestered by Algerians on the same subject. I would like to mention that the scenario of Algeria’s defeat was cruel but perfectly in line with the rules and ethics of our sport,” he said.

The African football legend added that all the appeals made by the Algerian Football Federation to the competent jurisdictions have been rejected.

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He called on the Algerian authorities and the federation to take responsibility to put an end to what he termed as “the unhealthy climate before a more serious tragedy occurs.”

To his fans Eto’o said, “To Fennecs’ fans, I wish that they find peace and manage to overcome the disappointment of a painful defeat, now behind us.”


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