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Jadudi hospitalized with another brain tumor

University student, Emmanuel Otieno, popularly known as Jadudi, has been diagnosed with another brain tumor, just months after a successful surgery to remove the cancerous growth.

Jadudi left Kenya for India last week for his first medical review following a fourth brain surgery which he underwent in August 2015.

While breaking the news of Jadudi’s current condition, Africa Cancer Foundation CEO Zawadi Nyong’o said the implications of the latest development have yet to be established but added that Jadudi was undergoing several tests, including the electroencephalogram, which detects abnormalities in the brain’s electrical activity.

“I received the bad news from Jadudi on Saturday while preparing to attend Kenya’s historical ivory burn,” Ms Nyong’o wrote on her Twitter handle.


Emmanuel Otieno while undergoing tests at an Indian hospital last week.
Emmanuel Otieno while undergoing tests at an Indian hospital last week.

“Jadudi was supposed to be gone for two weeks, but he said he was not really looking forward to the trip and hoped he would be done and back home within a week. This young man and his parents continue to demonstrate the power of incredible optimism and faith,” she added.

Jadudi’s plight was first highlighted by blogger Biko Zulu in early August 2015 in a post titled That Thing In Jadudi’s Head.

The Africa Cancer Foundation opened an M-Pesa account through which donations for Jadudi’s treatment were made.

Through #1MiliForJadudi, Sh7 million was raised within a day, surpassing a target of Sh1 million.

The money raised enabled Jadudi, who had Grade III Ependymoma to fly to Chennai, India where he underwent a four-hour brain surgery on August 29, 2015 at Apollo Hospital and arrived back in Kenya three days later.

Ms Nyong’o has asked Kenyans of goodwill to pray for Jadudi.