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Jaguar contemplates taking on second wife, 3 years after first wedding

Charles Njagua, the former Starehe Member of Parliament, popularly known as Jaguar, has hinted at the possibility of taking in a second wife, citing his willingness and the supportive nature of his current wife.

Jaguar wed his first wife – and third baby mama – Mercy on December 12, 2020 in a traditional wedding attended Jaguar’s close pals and his wife’s family and friends.

In an interview with Kameme FM, the musician-turned-politician briefly discussed his marital status, expressing contentment with his current marriage and suggesting openness to polygamy.

“I’m married, and my wife is very supportive, but I would marry another one. She is well taken care of, and I’m certain she wouldn’t mind if I got another wife,” stated Jaguar.

In a separate interview with Nairobi News, the former MP shed light on his decision not to share details about his romantic partner on social media.

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Jaguar emphasised that his primary focus is on his children, considering them his greatest possession.

“I share my children’s posts on social media, but only with them,” he explained.

Jaguar expressed deep affection and admiration for his children, making them his top priority and responsibility.

While the Kigeugeu hitmaker is reported to have five children, he posts photos of four of them online.

Jaguar’s openness to the idea of a second marriage comes in the context of his acknowledgment of the negative impact polygamy had on his own life.

He revealed that his parents separated after his father married a second wife.

“I didn’t judge my father for his actions because I never knew their issues.,” he said.

“We moved to my grandmother’s as he married. I was in class six, then my mum got seriously ill. I used to leave school to work. She got sick after her troubled marriage, but she was okay before that. She sadly died.”

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Although Jaguar did not delve into specific details about his family, he conveyed contentment in his current relationship and the importance of maintaining privacy.

During the recent interview, he highlighted the devotion to his children and the respectful relationship he shares with the woman he cherishes.

“I am in a loving and respectful relationship with a woman I cherish. However, she prefers to maintain her privacy,” he said.