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Jalang’o left downcast after Jeff Koinange refuses to withdraw ‘stupid’ slur – VIDEO

A section of Kenyans have been left stunned after a video showing celebrated journalist Jeff Koinange refusing to apologize to his then radio co-host Jalang’o after using a slur was shared online.

In the video, the two are seen inside the Hot 96 studios and are speculating on why students are burning their schools.

Koinange then says, “May e they have a WhatsApp group where they plan these things.” Jalang’o responds: “Tuchome hii tuchome hii.”

He then adds: “There’s no time we burned a school because we feared exams.”

At this moment, Koinange, as if being sarcastic, interjects: “Because you were stupid.”

But the comedian seems to have missed the fun in the statement and retorts: “No, don’t use that word on me again. That’s the last time.”

Koinange then clicks and Jalang’o responds: “Don’t click by the way.”

Koinange retorts: “What?” Jalang’o answers: “Don’t click again.”

Koinange then clicks several times despite protests from a visibly subdued Jalang’o.

Jalang’o left Hot 96 last week for Milele FM where he will team up with his old partner at Radio Maisha, Alex Mwakideu for the morning show.