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Jalang’o ponders forgiving employees who robbed him Sh1 million

Lang’ata MP-elect Jalang’o says he is still at cross roads as to whether or not to re-employ two workers he says stole from him.

Jalang’o, born Felix Odiwuor, made the comments in a recent online interview on his channel.

He added that the two employees, namely Eli and Litiema, have been begging to return where they used to work as his home managers.

A text message reportedly sent by one of the employees reportedly read.

“Hello sir, I regret what I did and ask for your forgiveness. I was decieved and did not want to steal from you. We’ve had a good relationship. I am suffering in Bungoma. I request for your forgiveness and will never repeat.”

The two are reported to have made away with Sh1 million they found in the politician’s car when they were washing it.

Still puzzled on whether to re-employ them, Jalang’o said they betrayed his trust having stolen the money when he needed it most.

He explained: “Can you imagine, I had planned for a meeting with women groups, around 1000 of them, they are alreadt seated. I am ready and heading to the vehicle, that money includes payment of service providers, food and facilitation. The women think I had lied to them (if you have no money).”

In June, Jalang’o offered Sh100,000 for any information leading to the capture of Eli and Litiema. He has since softened his stance.