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Janet Mbugua shares her most embarrassing period stain moment

By Amina Wako November 13th, 2020 1 min read

Media personality Janet Mbugua has shared her most embarrassing moment when she walked in front of her sons with period-stained clothes.

According to her Instagram post, her sons, who were waiting for her to join them to play, noticed the red spot on her dress and thought she had sat on a red flower.

“Is there any woman who can confidently say they never had an embarrassing menstrual staining story?” she posed.

“I’m walking in front of my sons towards the play area at home, as we prepare for a fun afternoon of activities. Huru (son) remarks casually, ‘Mum, I think you sat on the red flowers’.”

As the mother of two tries to figure out what the son meant, it hit her what had happened, and she froze, trying to act normal.

“Our nanny, who was walking behind us and had already seen my mess even before Huru did, was rushing to my aid. She whispers, ‘umeharibu nguo’ (You’ve spoilt your clothes).”

The boys got curios after seeing their mother walking backwards to her bedroom, and they kept whispering a number of issues with the nanny.

As she walked backward, her sons kept asking what was wrong and Janet Mbugua gave them a weak smile with a “nothing dear” response.

 The former Citizen tv anchor, who has been speaking to young girls about period, said that it was hard for her to explain to her two and five-year-old sons about periods and the period stain.

“In my case, I thought, ‘Sis, you talk about this all the time. You have the tools and knowledge to do better. What’s up?’ But, I’m human.”

She however hopes that she will soon find the right words to explain to them.